Pink Ribbon Parcels


Welcome to Pink Ribbon Parcels!


- Our Mission -

Cute art for a Cure!

We are dedicated to creating the highest quality art and stationery products for you. We donate all profits we make to handpicked breast cancer research organizations and hope that through increased awareness and fundraising we can help end breast cancer!


- About –

Pink Ribbon Parcels is Izzy’s quarantine-inspired brainchild. Forced to step back from her usual breast cancer research position due to COVID-19, she began thinking of ways to support the breast cancer community from home. Stuck inside with her super cute bunnies and her sister’s chinchilla, she drafted some sticker doodles and from there, Pink Ribbon Parcels was born.


But Izzy would need some help, after all one cannot start a non-profit alone!


First to be recruited was Izzy’s sister, Angelina. With a keen eye for trends and aesthetics, Angie helpfully critiques every design and is in charge of Pink Ribbon Parcels’ social media pages. At only 14, she already makes a wonderful businesswoman!


Next up was Indy, Izzy’s friend from UT Dallas and fellow bunny enthusiast. Both Izzy and Indy have family members who fought breast cancer, making this mission a strikingly personal one. In addition to her journey to become a reconstructive surgeon, Indy also serves as Pink Ribbon Parcels’ secretary.


Another of Izzy’s close friends, Mihir, hopped onto the Pink Ribbon Parcels bandwagon. When he is not playing videogames or tutoring kids about math, Mihir serves as Pink Ribbon Parcels’ treasurer. He also has a super cute puppy named Leo, who’s sticker will be coming soon!


And last, but definitely not least, is Jayesh! Over the past few years, Izzy and Jayesh worked together in the Alluri Breast Cancer Lab at UT Southwestern, bonding over a mutual frustration with western blots. Jayesh is Pink Ribbon Parcel’s resident genius and computer expert, a truly invaluable board member.


Of course, Pink Ribbon Parcels would not be complete without our furry inspiration - Willow the chinchilla, Marbles and Scotch the bunnies, Cyborg, and Leo the puppy!